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Characteristics of rubber and plastic insulated pipes

Date:2017-09-01 10:10:03 Browse times:2765

   Insulation material is a common product in the construction of today's society, there are many common insulation materials, such as rubber and plastic insulation pipes, rubber and plastic insulation board, insulation decorative board and rock wool board and other insulation materials. How much do you know about these insulation materials? Does not understand, does not matter, then by our well-known Hebei rubber insulation board manufacturers talk about the characteristics of rubber insulation pipe.

   Common rubber and plastic insulation material is a surface with a natural cuticle, and there is no obvious gap or bubble products. Its apparent density is less than or equal to 50 kg per cubic meter, and the combustion performance is B grade according to the GB 8624-2006 regulations in the national classification of combustion performance of building materials and products. Its oxygen index is greater than or equal to forty percent, and its moisture resistance factor is not less than 12000. As for the thermal conductivity of rubber and plastic insulation material, it can be divided into two parts in terms of temperature. The two average temperatures are zero degrees Celsius and forty degrees celsius. The average temperature is zero degrees Celsius, its thermal conductivity is less than or equal to 0.033 watts per meter of Kelvin, but when the average temperature is forty degrees Celsius, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of rubber insulation material is not greater than 0.035 watts per meter of Kelvin.