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PE knowledge

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   The plastic pipe is a plastic resin as raw materials, chemical building materials, adding stabilizer modified agent and lubricant melting into the main, thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic pipe of two types: thermoplastic pipes include PVC pipe, polyethylene pipe, nylon tube, plastic pipe; thermosetting plastic pipe is mainly used for large diameter pipeline, because of its special structure is also known as the glass tube or glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe resin.

   PVC pipe has a lot of experience in use, the longest history of use, PVC pipe low price, high strength and good rigidity, still be widely used in engineering, agriculture, production and life. But in recent years, the development speed of polyethylene pipe has been increasing steadily, especially the HDPE tube. Its advantages of moderate toughness, moderate rigidity, heat resistance, aging resistance and creep resistance are gradually highlighted.

   PE is the abbreviation of Polyethylene, the chemical name is Chinese polyethylene PE pipe is formed by the polymer monomer polymerization of ethylene, polyethylene material is the largest amount of varieties of plastic materials, according to the molecular weight of polyethylene, divided into polyethylene (BMPE) and peak single poly dilute (UMPE). PE pipe can be classified according to the density of polyethylene and production process, high density of low pressure is called the high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), in the middle level is called medium density polyethylene (MDPE), the relative value of low called low density polyethylene pipe (LDPE), both the strength and the stiffness of the high, commonly used in city gas and water supply and drainage pipeline, the chemical stability and impact resistance performance, widely used in agricultural irrigation.